© Ted van Aanholt

Ted van Aanholt (26) is a photographer, philosopher and writer, living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After finishing High School in Dordrecht, he moved to Nijmegen to study philosophy at Radboud University. He recently finished a paleographical study of Blasius of Parma’s epistemology for his Master’s Thesis. Besides his study, he has taken the time to develop his writing and photography skills.

His writings are accessible and substantive. To reach his audience in the best way, he is always interested in new media and ways of information sharing. He has written in the fields of philosophy, music, gastronomy and art/culture, to name a few. Currently he is a writer for the music website 3voor12 Gelderland and Philosophical Magazine Splijtstof. In the past he has written for Into Nijmegen, Gett Magazine, ANS StudentmagazineVOX university magazine iDordt, and his own blogs Sound of Dordt and Sound of Nijmegen.

As a photographer he has worked for large organisations like Radboud University Nijmegen, Erasmus University Medical Centre and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, as well as corporations like Meteogroup and Volzin Magazine.